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We install superior roof coatings for long lasting, watertight roof protection. Roof is one of the most important aspects of any property. If your roof needs replacement, but you don’t have the budget, you can always opt for a commercial roof coating.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Longwood and Orlando, FL

Most commercial building roofs are flat or have a low slope. Because of this, you will face a few challenges when it comes to roof protection. A roof coating offers protection because it is a coating liquid we apply to the roof. 

Once the liquid is dry, it will create a watertight elastic membrane on the rooftop, sides, and other areas of the roof. The membrane will offer protection against leakage and deflect heat buildup from the sun. Your interior will feel much cooler because of this, and your property will not suffer roof damage. 

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Restoring Your Roof

We offer various roof coatings to provide you with a comprehensive solution. Get the benefits of the commercial roof. They include: 

Cool Roofing System

Longwood and Orlando, FL

Possibly the largest benefit of a roof coating is its unrivaled protection due to its seamless quality as a single membrane. These are some of the top benefits you will experience from a commercial roof coating. It will offer protection to your roof like no other, and the quality will guarantee that it lasts a long time to come. It will make your roof as good as new without breaking your bank. Roof coatings are famous for making hot work spaces inhabitable once again – ideal for warehouses, factories, and buildings where interior temperatures for employees & products are sensitive.

If you’d like more details about our roof coating services, take a look at our services!

Urethane Modified Acrylic

Combine the reflective ability of acrylics with the waterproof nature of urethane.

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Metal Roof Coating

Metal coatings provide energy-efficient protection, while also preventing corrosion.

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Industrial Roof Coatings

Defend industrial roof against extreme temperature fluctuations, chemical corrosion & UV radiation.

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Flat Roof Coating Restoration

If you need your business’ roof restored, try one of our powerful coatings to renew

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We have been offering commercial roof coatings and much more to our clients in the Central Florida area for over 25 years now. If you want to benefit from commercial roof coatings, you can contact our experts at (407) 298-0100 for a free quote or a roof inspection. After that, our experts will let you know what your roof needs so that you can experience the best of commercial roofs in no time. 

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