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FAQs - WeatherShield Roofing Group: Commercial Roofing company Orlando, FL


If the thought of roof repairs leaves you reeling, contact us today with all your questions & we will be happy to help.
Check out the most frequently asked questions about roofing as a starting point.
Feel free to call us if you don't find the answer to your question. Our professionals at WeatherShield Roofing Group will be happy to help any way we can! Give us a call at (407) 298-0100
Do Your Roofers Give Free Estimates?

Yes! A prompt response with no cost and no obligation.

What is Included in a Free Estimate?
The works! Roof layout drawings, measurements of your roof, photos of its surface, roof material warranties, insurance certificates, specifications, and roof material samples put together neatly in a binder.
What Type of Roofing Systems Do You Offer?
We renovate existing metal, EPDM, modified bitumen, tar & gravel, TPO, and PVC roofing. We also replace roofs that are beyond restoration, and install roofing systems on newly constructed properties.
How Long Will Roof Replacement Take?

Through our free estimate and evaluation of your roof, we will be able to better determine how long roof replacement will take. Roofs that are large, in need of extra repairs, or roofs being remodeled with specialty may require more time to complete. However, we recognize the inconvenience of having your typical business routine interrupted, and we work quickly and efficiently to restore your roof and allow you to resume your routine. We never compromise on quality – so you may be sure our rapid repairs carry the standard of excellence that is unique to the WeatherShield Roofing Group.

Do I Close My Business During Remodeling?
No! We are able to schedule our work at the convenience of you and your employees to minimize interruption. To avoid conflict in heavy traffic areas, we sometimes work on weekends to ensure your business is able to continue running smoothly.
Can My Roof Be Repaired Instead of Replaced?
Often times, yes! Repair or replacement is determined by the extent of the damage to your roof and the type of roofing material in use. Our professionals ensure the most cost efficient method of replacement if it is an option.
Do I Need a Permit to Fix My Roof ?
This is determined by the type of roof you have, what type of work is being done to the roof, and the proximity of your building to surrounding structures. Our team handles permit work and ensures compliance with all applicable building codes.
Does your Elastomeric Coating Save on Utility Costs?
Absolutely! This white membrane coating is highly reflective, allowing it to prevent heat from the sun to enter your building. This will drastically reduce the heat that would normally pass through the roof surface. Your building will consume less electricity as a result, saving money on utilities and extending the life of your air conditioning units. The WeatherShield Roofing Group is a participating energy conservation contractor for FPL, OUC, and Progress Energy (DUKE) energy providers. If your energy comes from these providers, you may be eligible for a significant rebate after applying our coating. You could also be eligible for tax credits from the EPA’s Energy Star program.
Are Warranties Available for Materials and Workmanship?
Yes! Typically, both our company and the manufacturer of your product back warranties for at least ten years at no additional cost. In the off chance that a leak does occur, our team usually responds within 24 hours, weather permitting. Our warranties are NOT prorated – you will not have to pay for any repairs covered under warranty.
Are You Licensed and Insured?
Yes! We are a Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor, #CCC1329252. Our insurance coverage exceeds Florida State requirements for liability and worker’s compensation.
Is the WeatherShield Roofing Group a Reputable Company?

Yes! We have been protecting roofs in Central Florida under the same ownership since 1995. Ask any of our local references from the hundreds of jobs that we have completed, or check out our customer testimonials for reliable, honest opinions of our roofing services.

My roof is Leaking/Damaged. Does it Need Replacement?
Not Necessarily. One of our professional inspectors will examine your roof and determine the most cost-efficient solution to stop leaks or repair damage. We’re certainly qualified to replace your roof if it is too badly deteriorated.
Still Have Roofing Questions?

Call our roofing professionals today at (407) 298-0100! Our expert roofers are happy to answer any roofing questions in Longwood and Orlando, FL.


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